Terms of Use

In accordance with Article 10 of the Terms and Conditions of Accommodation, the Hotel has stipulated the following Terms of Use. These Terms of Use aim to ensure that you understand the public nature of this Hotel and stay at the Hotel in a safe, comfortable manner. Please read and comply with the following Terms of Use. If you do not agree to comply with these Terms of Use, we cannot provide you with any accommodation service or permit your use of the facilities. Please also note that if the Hotel deems appropriate, the Hotel may make a claim for damages against you.

Rules for prevention of fire

  1. Do not use any fire producing devices in the room, except for the normal use of a built-in kitchen.
  2. Do not smoke in the room or building. Smoking is only allowed at the designated place.
  3. Do not use other items which may catch fire, including fireworks, incenses and candles.

Rules for security

  1. While staying at the Hotel, be sure to lock the door when you go out. The room doors of the Hotel are not self-locking, so guests are requested to lock the door manually.
  2. Read an emergency exit plan indicated inside the room door.
  3. Double-lock your door from the inside when you are in the room, especially before you go to sleep.
  4. You may not accept visitors in the room.

Handling of valuables

Keep cash and valuables at your own responsibility.


  1. On arrival, you are requested to pay the room and meal charges according to the rates shown on the Hotel's website as of the day of accommodation or reservation or the rates presented at the reception on the day of accommodation or reservation. The amount is calculated based on the number of guests and dogs and other optional arrangements. The day of reservation means the date when the reservation was actually made, or the new date of reservation if the reservation was cancelled and a new reservation was made.
  2. Additional charges including beverages are to be billed at the time of your check-out.
  3. Please make payment of the charges on a day-to-day basis. Also make a payment once the total charge exceeds JPY50,000, or if requested by the Hotel.
  4. The Hotel does not accept payment by checks, and does not exchange money for you.
  5. The Hotel does not pay on your behalf any transportation expenses including airfare, train, bus or taxi or cost for sending luggage.

Treatment of deposited items

    The Hotel accepts deposit of your belongings as follows in principle:

    deposited belongings: for the period of your stay
    belongings that are left behind or lost items: as provided in Article 16(2) of the Terms and Conditions of Accommodation

Prohibited activities at Hotel

  1. Do not bring in any items which may annoy other guests to the Hotel, including the following:
    pet animals (excluding dogs);
    flammable gunpowder, gasoline or other dangerous items;
    items having an offensive odor;
    guns and swords without a permission certificate issued by the government authority;
    an extremely large amount of articles; and
    any other items prohibited under laws or regulations or which run counter to public morals.
  2. Activities which may annoy or offend other guests in the Hotel, such as gambling, activities against morals and public security, speaking or singing in a loud voice, playing musical instruments, are prohibited.
  3. Do not accept persons who are not Hotel guests in the room.
  4. Do not use the Hotel for any other purpose than accommodation, including business activities at guest rooms or lobby or using the room as an office.
  5. Do not distribute or post any advertisement or promotional materials or sell goods in the Hotel.
  6. Do not use the facilities or equipment outside the scope of designated place or purposes, or modify the present condition thereof.
  7. Activities for commercial purposes or activities which may be offensive to other guests, such as taking photographs, is prohibited in the facilities and premises unless a permission is obtained.
  8. Do not put up items which may degrade the appearance of the Hotel on the balcony or window or display such items by the window.
  9. Do not leave your belongings in the corridor, lobby or other public spaces.
  10. Do not go out of your room in pajamas or slippers.
  11. Do not enter facilities not open for guests, such as emergency stairs and the machinery room, unless in emergency or unavoidable circumstances.
  12. If you damaged or defaced the building of the Hotel or destroyed, defaced or lost other equipment and properties of Hotel due to a reason other than force majeure, you may be liable to compensate for the reasonable amount.
  13. For rules on pet dogs, refer to the Pet Dog Policy (requests for guests staying with dogs).

Other rules

  1. If you lose a room key, you are required to pay JPY20,000 covering costs including cylinder change fees and damages due to unavailability of the room. So, please be very careful in handling the key.
  2. The Hotel is not responsible for you or your dog's sickness or injury during the stay, except for the case attributable to the Hotel. The same applies to the case where you or your dog suffer sickness or injury after you leave the Hotel.
  3. These Terms of Use are subject to change without prior notice, due to a change in the Hotel's management policy, or the enactment or amendment of the laws and regulations (including municipal ordinances and orders).