1. What are the breakfast times?
Breakfast is available during the following three periods: (1) starting from 7:30, (2) starting from 8:15, and (3) starting from 9:00.
2. How many people are necessary to use the BBQ facility?
The BBQ is available from 2 persons.
3. Which hours are the BBQ available?
The BBQ is available from 18:00 to 21:00.
4. It says pets are allowed when selecting the room type, but which rooms can be used with pets?
[Maisonette suite] Western-style room (pets allowed, two single beds + one sofa bed)
[Maisonette suite] Japanese-style flat room (pets allowed, two single beds)
You can stay with your pets in rooms specified as "pets allowed."
5. As for BBQ plans, can we bring our dogs together with us in the BBQ area? Also, can we bring our dogs to breakfast?
We ask the guests to refrain from bringing their dogs to the BBQ area or the breakfast space. These areas are also used by other guests as well.
The details are available as "Pet Dog Policy" uploaded in our website. Please confirm the following link.
Pet Dog Policy
6. Can we stay with large-sized dogs?
Please understand that we accept dogs only up to middle size for accommodation facility reasons.
7. Can we stay with small animals like ferrets?
We are sorry, we do not accept small animals like ferrets.
Please confirm the Terms of Use of our hotel.
Terms of Use
8. How can we go to your hotel by train?
It is within 10 minutes by taxi from the nearest station, Kazusa-Ichinomiya.
9. Can we pay with credit cards?
We accept credit cards issued by Diners Club, American Express, UFJ, JCB, Visa, UC, NICOS, DC, MasterCard, UnionPay, etc.
10. Are no-smoking rooms available?
Smoking is prohibited in all rooms. There are smoking areas within the venue.